Italy relaxes more of its COVID rules 
Some countries are taking longer than others to lift there travel restrictions, but the mood seems to be, to lift more and more, and thus making travel easier and easier. 
Whilst there are now 25 countries in Europe that have lifted ALL restrictions, (no masks, no vax passport, no passenger locator forms - and Portugal now treats UK travellers as if we were in the EU), some are taking longer than others... 
And now Italy is lifting some of its restrictions: 
Visitors to Italy no longer need to complete a passenger locator form and there is no longer any need to show a COVID (or Green) Pass to access services. 
However, proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test or proof of recent recovery from the virus is still required to enter the country. 
In the latest update to its travel advice for Italy, the Foreign Office said all visitors over the age of five must prove their COVID status when entering Italy until 30 May. 
Also, all passengers entering Italy by plane, ferry, train or coach must still wear an FFP2 mask in order to enter the country. 
For many, this may not where they would want it to be, but the speed at which restrictions are being lifted across the globe, is definitely speedking up! 
If you've yet to discover the home of my mother - she was born in Messina, then talk to me about an Italian escapade... 
From Puglia and the "Trulli" in the south, or Mt. Etna and Taormina to the beautiful cities such as Florence, Verona, Venice as well as the stunning lakes such as Lake Garda; Italy has so much to offer. 
And let's not forget the stunning island of Sardinia. 
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