The Government is ditching the "Traffic Light" system for travel. What are the new travel rules?  
The travel rules changed on Friday 17th September 2021 - and it can be difficult to follow what they are. So here's the run down of what you need to know: 
The UK’s complex rules for international travellers are set to change significantly between 22 September and late October. 
For travellers regarded as fully vaccinated, the testing regime for arrivals to England will become easier. But the governments in Scotland and Wales have not yet agreed to fall into line on changes. 
From 4 October, the government will officially ditch the “traffic light” system that has applied since May 2021.  
Essentially, eight countries leave the “red list” on 22 September, while a further 54 nations are still effectively off limits to UK visitors
For fully vaccinated travellers to England there will now be three separate policies during the course of October, depending on the arrival date: 
Before 4am on 4 October: test to fly plus “day two” PCR test. 
Between 4am on 4 October and late October: “day two” PCR test only. 
From late October onwards: “day two” lateral flow test only. 
And importantly the need for expensive PCR tests are dropped for "Day 2 tests." (But this is from late October onwards - date to be confirmed). 
What replaces them is a "DAY 2" lateral flow test - which although still must be booked through private suppliers (you cannot use the NHS lateral flow test), should be around £30.00 per person (though some providers are offering the same for less). 
Countries now on the "GO" list that are popular holiday destinations are: 
Baleric Islands 
Cuba (FCDO Advisory) 
Egypt (FCDO Advisory) 
Greek Islands 
Jamaica (FCDO Advisory) 
Mexico (FCDO Advisory) 
Sri Lanka (FCDO Advisory) 
St. Lucia 
Seychelles (FCDO Advisory) 
South Africa 
Tunisia (FCDO Advisory) 
Turkey (FCDO Advisory) 
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