If you haven't booked your holiday yet, I have some great tips for you... 
As the world opens up, rules are being relaxed everywhere. But sadly not all countries are moving as fast as others.  
So here are some tips to help you: 
If you want to travel as we did before Covid (or are not fully vaccinated), Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, Switzerland and Greece are the best choices. If you are fully vaccinated (9 months after 2nd dose or a booster), you can travel anywhere in Europe but still need to fill PLF in certain countries. 
North America 
You'll need to be fully vaccinated. For Canada, no pre-departure test is required anymore (albeit you can be chosen to do a random post-arrival test). For the USA you'll need a negative antigen test one day before travel. 
Central America 
Travel is back to normal to the likes of Mexico and Costa Rica. For most other places either a PCR test or vaccination will do. 
Latin America 
In most cases, you either need to be vaccinated or you can get in with a PCR test. One exception is Argentina which is open to all. 
Generally speaking, you'll need a pre-departure PCR test even if you are vaccinated. Some exceptions are Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles, Sao Tome and Principe, Namibia or Botswana where you can enter without a pre-departure test if you are fully vaccinated. Kenya - only vaccinated are allowed to enter (no test). 
Middle East 
UAE - either vaccination or a PCR test, Oman - vaccination compulsory, Qatar - vaccination needed otherwise quarantine. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are open to all regardless of their vaccination status. 
South Asia 
India, Sri Lanka and Nepal - vaccination or PCR test. Pakistan - only vaccinated are allowed to enter. 
South East Asia and Far East Asia 
Generally speaking, you have to be fully vaccinated to enter. If you are fully vaccinated then Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore will let you in without a pre-departure test. For the Philippines, South Korea or Vietnam you'll need a pre-departure test. The likes of Japan, China, Hong Kong and Myanmar are still closed. 
New Zealand has opened borders for UK (and 50 other) nationalities. You'll need to be fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR (48 hrs before the scheduled departure of your first international flight to NZ) or antigen (supervised - 24hrs before departure). Australia - no test required but you have to be fully vaccinated. 
Happy travel planning! 
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