A hidden gem off the African coast, Maderia has been voted one of the safest places to visit in 2021! 
Entry to Madeira, for fully vaccinated Brits, is worry free. Here's why! 
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The Portugues Autonomous Region of Madeira was a pioneer in the whole of Portugal, in developing a good practices document to deal with Covid-19 - from the involvement of the entire tourism sector along with the launch of a certification process that will reassure consumer confidence and hence promote Madeira as a safe tourism location for all visitors. 
Fully vaccinated UK travellers, with a vaccine certificate have no quarantine, and are free to go about their holiday. 
So, if you're looking to take a trip to Madeira, this is what you need to do: 
If you're travelling to Madeira, you'll have to do one of the following - this excludes children aged 11 and under. 
Provide proof of full vaccination on arrival: If you’re fully vaccinated at least 15 days before your arrival, you won’t need to provide a negative test result to travel to Madeira. Instead, you’ll need to provide proof of full vaccination.  
Provide proof of recovery from COVID-19: You can show your NHS Covid Pass, which contains your COVID-19 test status if you tested positive via an NHS COVID-19 PCR test in the 11-180 days before departure. You can show your EU Digital COVID Certificate if you’re an EU citizen. 
Take a FREE COVID-19 PCR test on arrival and self-isolate until you get your result: Once you’ve taken the test at the airport in Madeira, you’ll have to isolate at your accommodation. 
And each visitor gets a free PCR test between 24 hours and 7-days after arrival. 
Before you travel to Madeira, you must complete the online form: https://madeirasafetodiscover.com/app/  
If you’re travelling with a child aged 12 or under, please include their details in your form. 
This is where you’ll also need to upload your test result, if you choose to take a COVID-19 PCR test before travel. 
There’s also an app where you can complete your overseas passenger locator form and upload your COVID-19 PCR test too.  
The Madeiran authorities recommend you download it for an easier travel experience. 
On return to the UK, you will need to complete a UK Government passenger locator form: https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk 
And depending when you return to the UK: 
Before 4am on 4 October: "test to fly*" plus “day two” PCR test (must be booked BEFORE returning to the UK from government approved suppliers). 
Between 4am on 4 October and late October: “day two” PCR test only (must be booked BEFORE returning to the UK from government approved suppliers). 
From late October onwards: “day two” lateral flow test only (about £30 per person). 
And there's god news for children too! (Under 18 years) 
Under 18s resident in the UK are exempt from self-isolation on arrival. The policy is regardless of a child's vax status. 
So what awaits you in Madeira? 
Think outdoorsy experiences with a few cultural twists and you’ll be right on the money with Madeira.  
This lush little island is known for its sub-tropical climate and botanical gardens, while its mountain landscape is made for all sorts of sports both on and off dry land.  
From NOVEMBER to MARCH average temperatures range from 16°c to 19°c - so it never really gets cold. 
To book: 
Call: 01234 581066 
E-mail: marco.williams@notjusttravel.com 
WhatsApp: 07486671475 
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